The Body Boss Method so far…

In a bid to get fit for holiday (June cannot come fast enough) I decided to embark on the Body Boss program; mostly because it was stalking me on Instagram with its advertising, but also because it looked like the sort of thing I need to be doing to get rid of my ever-growing spare tyre tummy.

It’s a pretty simple concept; 3 short (another big draw) HIIT circuits a week, one ‘recovery’ day, one cardio day and, most importantly, weekends off. They send you a program book with handy timetables and all the exercises you need to be doing each day and then away you go.

The circuits are only max 24 minutes long (minus the warm up and cool down times) and you don’t need stacks of equipment which is handy.

I’m 2 and a half weeks into the ‘pre-training program’ now, and so far, I’m pretty sure it’s going good (if you ignore the pulled muscles I’ve acquired from moving waaayyy more than before). There’s definitely some kind of toning and fat loss going on there, and I feel like I have more energy which is nice. It’s also good to get some structure to my workouts, even though it hurts and I never want to do it at the time.

Above everything else, though, my favourite thing is that I can keep eating and still see results. It’s a win win.

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