The World is run by the people that turn up

ICYMI, the Government decided now would be an excellent time to announce a snap general election this June, and that got me thinking about who I’m going to vote for (slim-pickings in my humble, politically-clueless opinion).

But, even though I am politically-clueless, that doesn’t mean I won’t vote. It just means I’ll have to do a teeny bit of research before I do in order to make some sort of informed decision. Lots of people my age don’t think like that though. They think that because they’re not interested in politics, or experts on the subject that they might as well not vote.

This terrifies me.

If people my age aren’t voting, then they’re not going to encourage their children to vote either, and the cycle will continue until no one bothers at all. That means that in the not to far-off future we effectively break democracy and make it pointless. And I don’t think anyone would like that very much.

I’m definitely not saying that politicians are my favourite people, and I feel just as frustrated as a lot of people with the ever-spiralling situation the world is getting itself into. But, someone needs to run the country, and if we don’t vote, those people running the country aren’t going to care about us at all and will just ignore the issues, problems and causes that we feel are important. And you’ll have to put up with that for way longer than your parents or grandparents.

Also, at least voting gives you free rein to whinge about stuff in the country when it does go wrong. If you haven’t exercised your right to vote don’t expect people to take it too kindly when you exercise your right to moan.

The most important thing to remember though is that when you don’t vote you let someone else have full say in your future, something that your vote does count towards, whatever you think.

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