Exhibition: Unlocking Worlds

As you’ll probably have noticed, I write a lot about mental health. So the Blinko & Neate: Unlocking Worlds exhibition at Jennifer Lauren Gallery in Bethnal Green was right up my street.


On 5th October, I took a half day off work and traipsed up to London to see this. It was well worth the trip. These fascinating artists are incredibly similar and incredibly different at the same time.

The simple space proved to be the perfect frame for this complex, intricate art, and whilst the lighting was dark, I gave each piece a little more atmosphere or mystery (whether that was intended or not).

The selection of work on display demonstrated microscopic attention to detail (there were magnifying glasses provided and everything). These tiny details meant I saw something new on every viewing of the artwork. But, whilst this could be perceived as frustrating, I found it rewarding, giving each piece even more depth every time I looked.


Talking to artist, Chris Neate, about his work, I discovered his unique way of working. With no preconceived idea of the final product, Chris’ art flows from him automatically and each piece is as fluid as the last.

With that, I think, comes fluidity of interpretation. With both of these artists there’s so much to see that there are so many possible interpretations, depending on your mood, your imagination and your life.

It’s a shame this exhibition ended so soon, but I’m sure there’s more exciting outsider art coming soon to the Jennifer Lauren Gallery!

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