The small things

Last week was a terrible week. I had a scary passing out episode in the hospital, I was depressed and teary and I just didn’t feel like life was on my side. But then, suddenly, everything was ok. I’m not sure what happened but a couple of days ago, I woke up feeling positive, happy and in control. The brain works in mysterious ways. Anyway, when you’re winning at life, the small things seem even better…

New hair

Most people I know now recognise me as very, very blonde (not natural, of course). But, after being the same colour for going on six years, it felt like the right time to change. So, naturally, I decided on ginger. My hairdresser was very excited at the thought of giving me, in her words, “autumn lights”. I was very excited at the thought of buying a brand new, ginger-friendly wardrobe. Which I did…

New clothes

There is A LOT to be said for retail therapy. Payday rolled around and the very same day, I was in London with two of my best friends spending all the money. My wardrobe looks so much better for the revamp. My bank account does not.

Autumn cleaning

My terrible, conflicted personality makes this one all the better. There’s nothing I hate more than clutter. Except, there’s also nothing  I hate more than moving… That makes clear-outs and tidying possibly my most stressful activities. But, inspired by my mum’s recent ruthlessness with her wardrobe, and spurred on by the thought of new clothes to come, I had a full on cleanse of my entire room and now it’s an organised, clutter-free haven. Sort of.


I know this sounds negative, but bear with me on this one. There is nothing more cathartic than a good rant. I’m the sort of person that worries what people will think, down to the teeniest details of the things I say, so I tend to keep my thoughts to myself. But this month, I’ve just been airing my thoughts to whoever will listen and letting it out has done a whole lot of good.


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