Diary of a fitness-phobe #2 – recovery calories…

I always find it easiest to be healthy when I get into a routine. But then, as always, stuff gets in the way, I find some excuse or my body just decides to malfunction. Or, in this case, all of the above.

Since I set my autumn resolution of dedication to the fitness cause, I have lost 6lbs and absolutely none of my spare tyre belly. But, I was finding myself sleeping better, eating less (shocker) and generally feeling happier.

Then a good old family reunion rolled around and – apart from a 4 mile walk to help me kid myself – I did nothing but sit, drink and eat. And play with dogs. Safe to say, I didn’t do my fitness goals many favours.

So, I had all the best intentions for jumping straight back on the wellness wagon this week. And then the lurgy struck. I’m currently soldiering through October flu (like everybody else) breathing like a pug on steroids and trying to keep my head from exploding from pressure headaches. Not exactly the ideal conditions for running.

But it’s fine, right? As long as I keep eating healthily, then that’s all that matters. Think again. You might have heard the phrase “Feed a cold, starve a fever”. Well, this cold is hungry and it wants to eat all of the comfort food. So my beautifully planned out exercise and calorie spreadsheet is currently being blissfully ignored until I can be healthy again.

Until then, I’m just going to keep eating all the biscuits and pretend like I need the calories for recovery energy…

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