What I’ve been reading: October

So this month I managed to read not one, but three books. I’m finally back on track. And, instead of sticking with what I know, I’ve been branching out for once – no more Jane Austen for me.

Fight Club – Chuck Palahniuk

Let me start by saying, everything in this book screams crazy. From the very first word. Sure, I’ve seen the movie so I know what happens, but the book just makes it SO much more obvious. The Narrator basically has conversations with himself. If that doesn’t say insane, I don’t know what does. Weird crazy dystopian novels are well beyond anything I normally read, but I’m glad I gave it a chance.

Lucy – Jamaica Kincaid 

Confession time: I was meant to read this at uni, but my copy never arrived in time. To be honest, I’m glad it didn’t. The novel sounds like the type of thing I usually go for, a typical coming-of-age narrative. But, whilst I really liked the character of Lucy herself, the story just didn’t go anywhere for me.

Homegoing – Yaa Gyasi

I think Yaa Gyasi might be one of my new favourite authors. Homegoing intricately weaves together a whole family history, as well as the histories of Africa, America and the UK. Each chapter tells the story of a different generation in chronological order, alternating between the descendants of two sisters who’ve never met. What makes it really clever, I think every chapter is a stand alone story about one individual’s experience perfectly captures a moment in time whilst weaving in recurring themes that join everything together.

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