Diary of a fitness-phobe #3 – when spreadsheets fall

You’ll be pleased to know, the recovery calories worked and I’m now back on my feet. The only problem is, I’ve got out of the routine I was so diligently following before the plague hit me. In other words, my beautiful spreadsheet has already taken a dive.

But, I’m clawing it back, and have done around two weeks’ worth of retrospective data entry in the past couple of days so I’m pretty sure the spreadsheet is as up to date as it can be.

My problem now is that, as a fitness-phobe, trying to get back into the exercising routine is proving difficult (read: impossible). It doesn’t help that Excel sheets are also changeable and I’ve been shuffling around my fair share of “rest days”.

Having said all of that, though, during the few runs and circuits that I have forced myself to do, I’ve been feeling fitter, finding it easier, and dare I say it, actually semi-enjoying myself.

What’s more, for the first time in my life, I’m actually noticing results – I’ve lost 4lbs since I last wrote one of these. So, here’s to keeping on keeping on, updated spreadsheet or not…

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