Winter skin woes

Winter is great – there’s snow (if we’re lucky), Christmas, mulled wine and snuggly jumpers. Whilst this is probably my favourite season, the cold weather coupled with central heating and winter bugs do take their toll on my skin.

I’ve been blessed (read: cursed) with combination skin or, as some might say, the dumbest of all the skin types. This means that come winter, my skin happily straddles the territory between flaky mess and oily nightmare even more than it usually does.

As you can probably imagine, this does not make for easy skin care or make up application and my current routine can only really be described as a scatter-gun approach and even after 24 years of trial and error, I’ve only really made two discoveries:

Last year, I discovered the miracle product that is BB Cream. This year, I’ve perfected the art of applying it without making peach fuzz and flaky skin incredibly obvious. Sorry if this is glaringly obvious to those of you who have more make up skill than me, but the trick is to blend upwards – who knew? The other handy trick I’ve found (totally by accident) is that a torn up makeup sponge works better than a smooth surface one, especially if your skin is having a particularly spotty day. What I love about BB cream is that it gives just enough coverage to brighten a dull winter complexion, without the cakey-ness and skin clogging properties of foundation.

My next discovery? You have to use different products in different seasons (again, sorry if this is not news). As a combination skin sufferer, I’ve always reached for oil-free moisturisers in order to tackle any acne. In winter, oil-free formulas do absolutely nothing for my skin. Turns out, a moisturiser containing oils can actually moisturise without causing the dreaded break out to appear.

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