Diary of a fitness phobe #6 – a change of scenery

It’s amazing how ingrained we get into routine, without even realising. So, sometimes a change of routine in just one area of life is all that’s needed to change up all the other routines too.

That’s what I’ve noticed, anyway. I’ve recently started working in London and now I’m walking so much more than I have in ages. Having walked to and from work every day for the last three weeks now, I’m feeling so much more awake and I have more energy all day.

So, this little routine change, as well as spending more time outside, has re-inspired me to get back on track with my long-neglected health and fitness goals. Starting today.

As well as dusting off the Body Boss programme to start from scratch, I’ve also reset all of my fitness apps so I can’t use the old progress as an excuse.

Fingers crossed, by the time I next write one of these, I’ll be back running and feeling fit. ‘Til next time! x



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