What even is a summer body anyway?

A whole load of BS, that’s what. Bikini body season is back and with Love Island in full swing, it’s impossible for us less-than-conventionally-perfect girls to ignore those bits of our bodies that could have benefited from a winter gym sesh or three.

With more pressure to look “perfect” on girls and increasingly on boys too, the idea of the perfect bikini body is not a strange concept. The forever-summer-bodied gods and goddesses that grace beaches around the world every sunshine season apparently live by one commandment alone: thou shalt not jiggle.

To this, I say, let me live life. Yes, I like the feeling of going to the gym once or twice a week and having a kick ass session. But, I also like the feeling of pizza in my tummy. Anyone who says pizza is bad has another thing coming.

Aside from the basic fact that we should all live and let live, there’s the million-dollar question: who said there’s a “good” body and a “bad” body? I’m sorry, but no. Get in the bin. If I want to eat pizza and brave the consequences of a little extra belly come summer, I will. And that does not mean my body is “bad” nor does it mean it’s not “summer-ready”. It means I like pizza and I’ll wear whichever bikini I please, thank you very much. If I put on a bikini, then I am bikini-ready. If I venture into the sunshine, then my body is summer-ready.

Rant-y blog over, it’s high time we all started enjoying our bodies. This doesn’t mean don’t go to the gym if you like the gym. What you eat and how much you work out is your prerogative. It does mean that if your June holiday rolls around and you haven’t quite achieved that washboard tummy your were after, it doesn’t matter. What does matter is that you enjoy your holiday, feel great about yourself and have an awesome time with the people you love. It’s not rocket science.

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