Beauty Botany Lessons…

I have been dying to write this post for ages now (since April to be exact). Way back when, I launched a campaign at work, to get bloggers, influencers and writers to create their own copy about their favourite ingredient in Lumity’s Facial Oil (where I work just FYI). Now it’s July we’ve gone live – hooray – and I’m super excited for all the pages to get some traction, not least because there’s a competitive element involved.

Since a few of the bloggers took their free samples and then disappeared into the ether, I, as content marketer, had to step up to the plat. So, without further ado, I’m pleased to present the four ingredients pages, written by yours truly:

For obvious reasons, my pages aren’t actually going to count in the competition (but please still read them!) but there are 28 bloggers’ pieces that will. With that in mind, please do take some time to read all of their great content because a lot of blood, sweat and tears have gone into each and every piece.

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