Diary of a fitness-phobe #7: couples who Body Coach together, stay together…

… or, one half of said couple takes to this rigorous diet and fitness plan like a duck to water and the other half just craves all the cookies all the time.

This, I feel, is the more realistic scenario.

Angus and I (mostly Angus) decided to embark on the Body Coach 90-day Plan. For anyone not familiar with the wonderful sadistic world of Joe Wicks, let me break it down for you: 3 months, 3 cycles, each designed to help you achieve a specific fitness goal, namely to shift, shape and sustain. In theory, it sounds awesome. You work out for around 30 minutes, 5 times a week and follow a non-calorie-counting diet that actually allows you to eat proper sized portions.

The reality (for me at least) is very different. Don’t get me wrong, I like doing the workouts (shocker) and I actually feel fitter for doing them. I also love being able to do them in the living room with Angus. In a weird way, it’s become our bonding time and it’s amazing feeling like we’re achieving something tangible together.

That being said, the meal plan is actually killing me. I’m not a cook at the best of times, so spending my Sundays cooking food for a week is not exactly my idea of fun.

On top of that, I don’t even get to cook fun stuff. I feel like I’m just cooking a lot of chicken and spending more money than I earn on steak and salmon – this is not a plan that’s starter salary friendly.

This attitude towards the meal prep side of things doesn’t help with my attitude towards the minimum carb side of things. I like carbs. I miss them. They made me happy and now they’re gone.

Angus, on the other hand, is lucky enough to have one of those “all or nothing” mentalities. He hasn’t had a drink for almost 2 months and he’s barely even sniffed a carb that wasn’t fully Joe Wicks approved. It’s actually sickening – don’t worry, I tell him this to his face.

I know that the diet is all about macros and learning about your own nutrition, I understand the why. I just don’t like it. If there’s one thing I’ve learnt it’s this: dieting like this and watching what I eat doesn’t make me happy. I like being healthy, but I also like being allowed the freedom to choose the healthy food I want to eat. I honestly don’t feel any better or more energised from the food side of the plan. All it’s done is make me cranky and given me a month-long stomach ache. And whilst I know this is probably half down to my body’s out of control sugar dependency, I also know that this isn’t making me happy.

For me, that’s what food is all about. Yes, we need it to fuel our bodies and help us live a healthy life. But living our best lives isn’t all about our physical health. If somethings not making you happy then ultimately, you shouldn’t do it (unless not doing it will be even worse for you).

The moral of the blog is this: plans that can help you to improve your physical health are great. But if you snack on a cookie once in a while because it makes you happy, that’s great too.