Guest Blog: You, Me and Anxiety

This post is a big shout out to one of my absolute favourite people. When we were at uni, one of my best friends, Rebecca, helped to set up our university’s Mental Health Society. Suffering from anxiety herself, with a lot of friends with similar issues, Rebecca knew (and still knows) how important it is to have a safe space to talk openly about all of these things.

Along with some of her friends, she’s now managing a mental health blog called You, Me and Anxiety where her and a bunch of other talented writers share there experiences of anxiety and other mental health issues.

What they’re doing it amazing. They’ve opened up a little corner of the internet for everyone to share their stories, whatever they may be. From the downright laughable to the absolutely heart-wrenching, there’s no right or wrong thing to share.

I wrote a little blog about my experience of depression, but you should definitely read all of the other stories on there. I’m pretty sure there’s something there that everyone can relate to, mental illness or not.

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