I’ve been thinking a lot about how to mix it up on the old blog scene lately and during my wonderings, I came to not one, but two, shocking realisations. Number one: I am a self-professed mad dog lady who has not once written a blog about my doggos. Number two: there are not nearly enough dog blogs in the world. Today, I am rectifying both of those wrongs.

It seems only fitting to start with an intro to the two main doggos in my life right now. Maisie and Percy. Regrettably, commuting for four hours a day doesn’t lend itself to dog ownership so I’m living vicariously through my parents. Meet the best cocker spaniels in the world (on this I will not negotiate), Maisie (the black one) and Percy (the brown one):


Possibly justifiably, I am the laughing stock of my family and friends for how much I love dogs. I physically cannot walk past a dog in the street without saying hello – it pains me when I have to let a pooch pass me by.

I think it’s because, unlike people (and also cats, there’s a reason I’m a dog lady), I get dogs. I know there are some dogs out there who are unpredictable and downright dangerous, but for the most part, you can tell if you’ve pissed them off or if you’re good to snuggle. Humans are just too darn complicated for that.

What’s more, I would love to see a human adult get so much joy from a stick or defend their loved ones from their own shadow. Dogs are pretty dumb but you can’t say they don’t care. Cats, on the other hand, give zero fucks. Zero.

You know what else? Dogs keep you healthy. Not only are they unconditionally loving, and so good for your mental health, self worth, mood, etc., etc., they’re also good for you physically. Walkies are a work out for everyone involved.

And if you still don’t believe me that doggos are the best, put it this way: you wouldn’t carry around any other animal’s poop in a specially designed bag. It might not be pretty, but if that doesn’t win the argument, nothing will.



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