I’ve never been massively into make up, so this post might come as a surprise to people who know me. Whilst I’m in no way a makeup expert, I have made some discoveries recently that I wanted to share alongside some old favourites.

TLM Colour Changing Foundation

The main reason I struggle with make up is that I have zero idea about how to choose the right shade of foundation for my skin. So when adverts started following me around Instagram for a foundation that literally changed colour on application to match your skin tone, I was all for it. The colour changing is awesome, and it stays on all day. The only thing I’ve noticed is that it is a little greasy, but nothing you can’t fix with some matte powder. For someone who likes lighter coverage in foundation, though, this is a new fave.

C.Y.O Bronzing Powder

As a pale girl, bronzer’s another thing that I’ve always struggled with; I always end up looking like I’ve streaked mud all over my face. This one’s finally subtle enough to be more glowy and less grimy. Also, it smells like coconut.

Luxie 560 Medium Fan Brush

This might be the reason my face no longer looks like I’ve dived into a mud bath after applying bronzer. Again, in my makeup naivete, I have never known which brush does what, but even if this is the “wrong” brush to use that would be news to me because I’m basically becoming an expert contour-er (not).

Huda Beauty Liquid Matte Lipstick in “Girlfriend”

This isn’t the kind of shade I would normally go for in a lipstick but there’s a first for everything. I’m not a massive fan of a shiny lip, so I always go for a matte, but it’s such a struggle trying to find one that doesn’t dry out my lips. This one doesn’t. And it stays on all day.

Rimmel London Lasting Radiance Concealer

As someone who suffers with adult acne and some impressive under eye circles, concealer’s always been the most important thing in my makeup bag. I’ve been using this one for year’s now and it’s never let me down yet. That’s why it’s on the list.

Maybelline Tattoo Brow

I’ve never really got on board with the eyebrow trend; mostly because my eyebrows are so asymmetrical that they don’t need any more attention drawn to them. But I like this because it gives me some eyebrow shape but it doesn’t require any kind of skill – something that’s especially important when you do your makeup on the train in the morning.

Kaleido Cosmetics Astrolight

My problem with highlighters is usually that they’re too glittery. I like that this is a more subtle shine and less of an in your face Twilight moment. Also, one bottle lasts for a really long time.


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