I have officially lost track of time. As much as I’ve been trying to stick to a routine, dates kind of don’t really matter anymore. Since my work plans and strategies have naturally been changed and moved about as we all figure out how best to respond to this whole situation, the normal deadlines have stopped applying and the days have just kind of merged into one another.

For example. Yesterday (Sunday) I thought I came downstairs to see my housemate (shout out to you Lucy, one of my two regulars) typing away at our normal work space. Naturally, I panicked and thought it was Monday. And that I’d slept in ’til 11:30 on a work day.

But, even as I type this, working from home has become the new normal much quicker than I thought it would. Normally, I struggle to work from home, and save it for really quiet days after shows and for all those times when I just can’t get a doctor’s appointment that isn’t in the middle of the day (so all the time).

I have surprised myself at how well I’ve adapted to working from home and like I said in my last blog, I’m really appreciating having a bit more time in the mornings and evenings.

Setting up a dedicated workspace, no matter how makeshift, has really, really helped. I don’t think I would be quite so productive if I had to work on the couch or in my room. Since we’re stuck in the house, pretty much all the time, it’s really helpful to have those spaces designated and separated out, for my own sanity, if nothing else.

A quick update on my thoughts, since they’ve changed quite a lot since Day One:

I still need routine in my life. My routine has changed a bit, since all the rules have changed, but it’s still there. I’m still trying to go out for walks at lunchtime or after work, but I’m missing being able to go and get a proper coffee. Instant just isn’t the same.

Office chairs are the best and I now have one thanks to my mummy (my other regular fan 💖).

Mass hysteria is out and ghost town is in. It’s eerie.

Remote meetings: still fun, but mean I do have to get properly dressed and brush my hair every day. Also, I have so. Many. Of. Them.

People still don’t know what’s going on. Will we lose our jobs? Will we be stuck at home until March 2021? Are our events actually happening? Nobody knows…

Sports bras are still the best. 




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