Like many people, my lockdown started with a list of things I wanted to achieve. With so much extra time to kill, now that commuting, leaving the house, etc, etc is no longer a thing, the last couple of months have provided us all with a perfect opportunity to do stuff we wouldn’t normally do. But since my routine has consisted of little more than read, walk, eat, repeat, I thought I’d bypass a “day in the life” type post and focus on all the stuff I’m still aspiring to…

Write more

To be fair, I have actually written far more posts, and much more regularly than normal. Weirdly enough, lockdown has actually provided more blogging material than I thought it would. But having Fridays off work now doesn’t hurt either…

Done it? YES

Learn to crochet

I am the world’s worst craft person. My textiles teachers at school used to take my work home to do it for me. So safe to say, when I bought a “crochet your own dinosaur” kit, I may have been being a teeeeeeny bit optimistic. I am still aiming to learn something though – granny squares, here we come…


Read more books

I have an ever growing pile of books in my room that are calling out to be read. And sunburnt though I may be, I have been enjoying sitting on the patio and, now we’re allowed out, in the park reading (and burning) to my heart’s content.

Done it? KIND OF…

Look after the plants

This wasn’t on the original lockdown list, but since I’ve been in the house much more, my plants (Eddie, Meredith, Claude, Frida and Emma Junior, for anyone who’s interested) have received a lot more love and affection than they did before.

Done it? YES

Take better care of my skin

Given the fact that I just said I’m sunburnt, this might feel like an automatic no. BUT, since I’ve been wearing less make-up, I have noticed my skin feeling slightly better. However, wearing less make-up has also led me to be a little bit slack with my cleansing so I guess it’s a fail on this one…

Done it? NO

Keep in touch with people

If you haven’t been living your life on Zoom then what have you been doing? I’ve spoken to my friends and family so much more frequently than I ever did pre-lockdown, which has been super nice. The amount of quizzes I’ve done has also made me a lowkey trivia genius…

Done it? YES

Sort out my sleeping pattern

Given that we don’t have to commute right now, you’d think I’d be getting more sleep than usual. However, the fact that I now tend to go to bed by 9pm for lack of anything else to do means that I’ve been waking up super early, struggling to fall asleep, and/ or having super weird dreams.

Done it? NO

Exercise more

I was so worried going into the lockdown that I was going to lose all the fitness I’ve been working so hard to build since January. But with the help of the WhatsApp group my trainer’s set up as well as our weekly video workouts I’ve actually seen some (small) improvements during lockdown. Whilst I’m still not anywhere near to my goals (which, to be fair, are probably unrealistic), it’s nice to see that it’s going in the right direction.

Done it? YES

Not get coronavirus

We are all in lockdown and following these rules for one real reason; not to get or spread coronavirus. I like to think I’ve been following the rules as closely as I can, so I think I can say I’ve been doing my bit to stop the spread. Obviously, there’s still a way to go, but it’s good to see some light at the end of the lockdown tunnel.

Done it? YES 

All in all, I don’t think lockdown has been a total waste of time…

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