Say aloe to my little friends…

… because I like plants now. Like a lot of people, I’ve been thinking of ways to keep myself occupied during the lockdown, and it’s been an eye-opener finding out what I am, and am not, good at. I am not good at crocheting. I am good at growing things.

A few minor seedling deaths aside (I was honestly way more sad than is normal), I think I’ve proven that I am a pretty good plant nurturer. As Lucy, my housemate can attest to, I have become more than a little bit obsessed with my seedlings and I check on them multiple times a day.

I have always liked having my houseplants; they all have names and are part of my little family. However, it wasn’t until a seemingly innocent “cocktail gardening kit” arrived in the post from my mummy, that I decided keeping plants alive wasn’t enough. I wanted to grow my plant babies from scratch.

As I’ve said before, it has not been an easy undertaking, and I have lost a few seedlings along the way (RIP mint), and there are a couple more looking a little bit questionable. But the reason I’ve decided to write this particular (some may say, really random) blog is because I’ve found something that really does make me happy. Seeing the seedlings grow a little more every day is actually really gratifying and it’s just one of those small things that help to keep me motivated, even on really stressful and anxious days.

I’ve written before about keeping sane and looking after your mental wellbeing during the lockdown, and even though we’re starting to come out of it now, it’s far from over. Having something, however small, to focus on and distract you from the craziness of the world and everything that’s going on in it right now (need I also mention the George Floydd tragedy?) is really important.

Of course, there are some massive issues that we need to think about right now; you can’t just brush them under the rug. But, looking after your mental wellbeing is so important too and it’s something that should never get lost, even when you’re looking at the bigger picture.

So, the moral of the story is, find you some seedlings, or whatever else it is that makes you happy and take care of yourself.

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