The Small Things

I’ll be honest, I’ve really struggled to come up with anything to say to start off this blog. It just feels like we’ve been in lockdown for so long that there’s nothing new to say; everything is the same every single day. But even though the writer’s block is hitting me kind of hard, the little things are still there.

Clean house

There is nothing better than the feeling of a freshly cleaned house, sad though it might sound. It always feels so much nice to chill in a clean and tidy space, with all my candles smelly all nice; I know, I’m an old lady. But it’s true what they say; tidy space, tidy mind.


I wrote a whole post about my seedling babies, so the fact that my plants make it on to the list shouldn’t be a massive surprise. It’s so motivating to have something to take care for. And, whilst I’d rather it was something fluffy and cuddly, my plant friends are the next best thing.


Again, at the risk of sounding like an old lady, I’m very grateful for all the technology we have to keep in touch with people. It’s so easy to take everything we have at our fingertips for granted, but we’re so lucky to be able to just pick up the phone whenever we need a chat. Also, Netflix. Just saying.


There’s so much escapism in literature, and that’s been so valuable at a time when I can’t leave the house. One of my favourite things to do during this time has been to sit out in the park in the sunshine (when it’s be there) and just read. Since the lockdown started, I’ve made a pretty big dent in my “to read” pile which gives me the perfect excuse to buy more books.

New pictures

Making a space my own has always been important to me, so whilst I’ve been looking at the same four walls for the last three months, I thought I’d spruce them up. I invested in a few new pictures which have made such a difference to my room and it’s so refreshing.

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