little emmaEco-warrior turned English graduate turned content marketer with an undying love for books and cake.

Other than that, there’s not much to tell. My name’s Emma in case you hadn’t guessed and I like to write about pretty much everything. Just Emma Things is my little corner of the internet to talk about beauty, food, fitness, my thoughts and, most importantly, my dog.

I’m sure you’ll get an idea of who I am and what I do when you look around but here’s some fun facts to keep you going until then:

  • I’m a dual citizen of the UK and the USA, which means I can travel around pretty easily so that’s cool
  • My birthday’s 22nd December so my star sign is Capricorn, but also sometimes Sagittarius (if that means anything to you)
  • I like to sing and play the flute but I haven’t done so in a really really long time. I’m also trying to learn the ukulele (advice is welcome)
  • I’m John Steinbeck’s biggest fan
  • I use way to much ginger in all of my cooking

Questions, comments and collabs are always welcome so feel free to email me at justemmathings@hotmail.com, hit me up on my contact page or just nosey around my Instagram.