In case you didn’t notice, the world has gone insane. Unless you’ve been living under a rock (and good on you, that’s the sensible place to be) you’ll know that all panic stations are a go and we are in the throes of a pandemic. Dramatic stuff.

I know it’s not technically day one of the coronavirus outbreak, but it is day one of my office’s temporary lockdown. As I write, I’m sitting in the same spot I’ve been sat in all day; my new home office, otherwise known as the dining table. And whilst I love my house, there is more than a little bit of cabin fever setting in already. Which is why I thought I’d share my thoughts, during what is set to be my slow demise into madness… So, on Day One, here’s where I’m at…

I need routine in my life. Getting up this morning and going out to get coffee set me up for a proper start to the day and I even managed to pick up toilet roll. Winning all round.

Who knew you could miss office chairs? After just two hours of sitting in the “home office”, my housemate and I had numb bums. After an eight hour working day, I’m now not even sure I have a bum anymore…

Mass hysteria has hit Wimbledon. A second stroll at lunchtime has confirmed one thing to me. Wimbledon (and the rest of the world) has descended into chaos. There were literally whole boxes of pasta just lying on the floor where people have obviously been scrabbling for supplies, and hand soap seems to be a thing of the past. Meanwhile, Easter eggs are everywhere.

Remote meetings are kind of fun. Obviously, I miss human contact, but having virtual meetings means that I can make a cup of tea, do my laundry and sound very busy and important at the same time.

No one really knows what’s going on. Are we allowed outside? Or are we confined to our houses for the forseeable future? How come schools are open but offices are shut? How the hell do you share your screen on Microsoft Teams? Just a few of life’s unanswerable corona questions…

I could really get used to wearing a sports bra every day. Because proper bras are just no fun.


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